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"Invert Music Group, Est. 2014."
35° 22' 34.2300'' N, 119° 1' 19.5672'' W

Where others are content to cite releases, residencies and festivals played, Adrian Adonis understands that the only pertinent information a true underground head cares about is ultimately tied to his sound... a sound best described as deep, dark and -- above all -- techno. Hailing from the city of Los Angeles where past and present legends of the genre converge, Adrian stakes his claim as the force behind the promising upstart label INVERT Music. It is here -- through his meticulously crafted productions, sets and the label's highly anticipated releases and events -- that the naked influences of Berlin, Detroit and beyond collide.  


Adrian Adonis//

Blacklight Special Radio Broadcast 91.9FM

>>My exclusive mix for The Blacklight Special radio broadcast on 91.9 FM. Originally aired 11.22.15, available for download.




Ombossa – Bonish Thuggish : Mistress Recordings

Z.I.P.P.O. – X : Involve

Marco Zenker – Bouya : Ilian Tape

1DERL& - Ray’s House (Kamikaze Space Programme Mix) : Processed

Geeeman – Wanna Go Bang (Alden Tyrell Mix) : Aus Music

Unbalance – Fluid (Jonas Kopp Mix) : Mutex

Physical Therapy – I Did (Version 2) : Fifth Wall

Marquis Hawkes – Jerk U Later : Houndstooth

Michel Lauriola – Industrial Ecos : Animal Farm

Keith Carnal – Instantaneously (Subjected Rave Edit) : Affin

Tensal – Dogma 2 : Tensal

Thope – Frequency : Credo

Kastil – Controversy : Soul Notes

Yaleesa Hall – Second Perrin : Will & Ink

Dualit – Input : Autofake

Charlton – Behave : Mord

DJ Deep & Roman Poncet Pres. Adventice – Exsurgence : Tresor

Spherical Coordinates – SCFLS – 17 : Token

Blawan – Diatonic Valves : Ternesc

Dirty Basscore – 0815 (Klaudia Gawlas Mix) : Credo

Robert S – Stoned : Monocline

Dustin Zahn – New Day Rising (VRIL’s New World Rising Mix) : Enemy


INVERT 002: Adrian Adonis - Freak + Love EP

inc. Black Asteroid and Kamikaze Space Programme Mixes

>> INVERT Music's second release of 2015 ratchets up the techno swagger with two tracks from label boss Adrian Adonis and stellar remixes by Black Asteroid and Kamikaze Space Programme.


Support from: Dave Clarke, Tommy Four Seven, Paula Temple, Moerbeck, Truncate, Alexander D'niel, Sam Paganini, Another Alias, L.A.W., Myler, Kyle Geiger, Raiz, Sigha, Interferon and 14anger.


Artwork by Graphic Surgery. Mastering by Alhek.







34° 3' 8.0460'' N, 118° 14' 37.2588'' W
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