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Adrian Adonis’ story doesn’t have a fairytale beginning. He wasn’t DJ’ing in clubs at the age of thirteen. He wasn’t raised by a family of professional musicians. You’d actually be hard-pressed to pinpoint where his particular story begins because Adrian Adonis has ALWAYS had music coursing through his veins.


The kid in his room obsessively making mixtapes became a twenty-something front and center at every underground party in Los Angeles, who then pieced together a self-taught career as a promoter, DJ and producer through sheer instinct and determination alone.


It’s been a slow and steady journey spanning a lifetime. But best described in a word, Adrian Adonis’ progression has been, well… RELENTLESS.


Steady gigs all over Southern California have given way to time locked in the studio, perfecting his quality brand of tough and uncompromising techno. All the while, visions of the bigger picture abound: more production, bigger sets, and of course… giving back to the dance music underground that helped shape him.


This much is crystal clear, Adrian Adonis’ journey is FAR from over.


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