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so i got a wild hair you-know-where and decided to jump into insomniac's discovery project for countdown 2014. i stayed up until four am recording the mix above live in one take...

...and here is my original track submission for the very same competition. 'SCHWER,' blistering Berlin techno inspired by 'papa' sven vath's fiftieth birthday this year. will techno win out in what i'm sure will be a sea of trap, electro, dubstep and other pop-edm submissions? we'll have to see. 

11.25.2014: the launch of _INVERT was a success! if you missed it, the concept is simple: we're creating an event series built around pure, unfiltered techno focused on removing the layers of excess that separate you from a truly unforgettable night. our parties are not about bottle service or the vip. the only thing that matters is the vibe, the music and YOU.

11.2014: video from my closing set at the launch of _INVERT

11.2014: check out my promo mix for my new techno event series _INVERT. free download!

10.2014: FREE DOWNLOAD of my heavy tribal techno rumbler THUNDERSTRUCK.

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